Intelligent Recovery.

Over the past decade, SubroSmart has established itself as a subrogation industry leader with offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We put a focus on what has been traditionally treated as an afterthought.

Our Journey

A Decade of Results

Founded in 2013, SubroSmart has reinvented traditional subrogation management to improve recovery outcomes. Our elite team of legal, insurance, and business professionals have developed modern solutions to solve long standing inefficiencies. Now, after more than a decade, our team is forty professionals strong working across five offices in three countries. Bringing their diverse backgrounds together, we know how to deliver a successful subrogation management program. Our clients include more than one-hundred carriers, MGAs, retention groups, companies, and adjusting firms located in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the United Kingdom.


The Beginning: Gregory M. Zarin & Elliot Schuler launch SubroSmart introducing innovation to subrogation management through technology and experience driven solutions in the United States.


Establishing a Track Record: SubroSmart takes on program level management responsibilities to re-imagine and improve all aspects of subrogation management to deliver a premium experience.


Growth Push: More than twenty carriers engage SubroSmart and its suite of premium subrogation management services.


SubroSmart Attracts Talent: SubroSmart doubles its operations and starts to scale by bringing experienced and passionate recovery professionals on board.


Expansion to the UK: SubroSmart opens a key office in the United Kingdom to deliver top service to its growing engagement with the global insurance market, providing full time access to the SubroSmart team in the United Kingdom.


Expansion to Canada: SubroSmart opens an office in Montreal, Quebec to service its growing business across Canada.


Expansion to San Francisco: SubroSmart opens a San Francisco office that is focused on its technology advancements, including deploying machine learning, business intelligence, and AI solutions.


10 Year Anniversary & UK Subro Expansion: SubroSmart turns ten years old and further expands to handling subrogation matters across the United Kingdom territories.

We build deep-rooted partnerships based on communication, transparency, and execution.

We strive to build close business relationships with a core focus on incorporating our clients’ culture, processes, and initiatives to best represent their objectives, protect their reputation, and deliver strong subrogation results.

  • Partnership Focused

  • Reputation Focused

SubroSmart Objectives

Make an impact to meaningfully improve loss ratios.

Improved efficiency through bespoke processes.

Decreasing the costs of recovery through centralization.

Ensure jurisdictional compliance and active subrogation management oversight.

Our technology and data team has built custom state-of-the-art analytics and business intelligence to understand how improved processes impact recovery outcomes.

Our team averages fifteen or more years industry experience in diverse aspects of insurance including adjusting, investigations, legal, producers, analytics, executive, and account management.

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