As a team, SubroSmart provides stellar expertise to enable our clients to recover more, more often.


Industry Smart

SubroSmart was launched to innovate how subrogation claims are managed and improve the efficiency, outcomes, and transparency in the process.

People Smart

SubroSmart has brought a trailblazing team of insurance, subrogation, and legal professionals together to innovate what has historically been treated as an afterthought.

Process Smart

SubroSmart has developed bespoke processes and technology to improve how our teams work together, ensuring that active subrogation management is always a priority.

How it Works


All engagements kick off with a detailed consultation to learn about your objectives and discuss best practices in building a successful partnership.


Our teams work together throughout the onboarding process to ensure seamless operations between our company and yours.


We strive to execute on our core mission of proactively managing all subrogation referrals from cradle to grave, providing valuable insights, an accessible team, and business intelligence along the way.

Start the Convo

Start the Convo

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