Kelley Eldridge

Introducing Kelly Eldridge, SubroSmart’s Deputy Head of Claims

In February 2024, Kelly Eldridge was promoted to SubroSmart’s Deputy Head of Claims. Kelly was previously Associate Director of UK Claims in SubroSmart’s London office and led our initiative into subrogation handling on claims that occurred in the United Kingdom. It was apparent that her skill and qualities as a top subrogation professional would benefit all aspects of SubroSmart’s claims team across all offices.

As Deputy Head of Claims, Kelly leads a team of more than twenty subrogation specialists in their pursuit of third party recoveries from at fault third parties. As a skilled negotiator and experienced subrogation professional, she is dedicated to ensuring that our team always exceeds carrier client expectations when it comes to securing subrogation results.

Prior to joining SubroSmart in 2023, Kelly was a Litigation Executive (Subrogation) at Hiscox in their United Kingdom office for five years and AXA XL based in London. Kelly also has more than a decade experience navigating the intersection of insurance and litigation including at a U.K. solicitor as a litigation executive.