SubroSmart Presents at National Webinar Hosted by the NASP

North American Subrogation President Gregory M. Zarin presented on various topics related to considerations at the instersection of subrogation and bankruptcy hosted by the National Association of Subrogation Professional (NASP).

At some point, nearly all subrogation professionals will come across a claim touching a bankruptcy proceeding. Whether the party that filed for bankruptcy protection is the claimant, insured, or adverse party, understanding bankruptcy fundamentals, definitions, and policy can separate a fully recoverable claim from one that becomes barred forever.

The webinar covered the mechanics of a bankruptcy proceeding and provided tips to avoid various pitfalls that can impact subrogation claims. While a bankruptcy proceeding can seem daunting to navigate and like a potential road block to recovery, the webinar provided information to assist subrogation creditors preserve and protect their claims when touching a bankruptcy proceeding.